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Sample Album-p.32 CPC photographs on this page not represented in other categories: 1363, 1418, 1729. Art Exhibit Titles: Barcaglia, Donato. Fleeting time; Barcaglia, Donato. Flying time; Barzaghi, Francesco. Blind man's buff; Bergonzoli, Giulio. Angelic love; Borghi, Ambrogio. Carnival; Bracony, Guglielmo. Vanity; Caroni, Emanuele. Birth of love; Caroni, Emanuele. Love's messenger; Guarnerio, Pietro. Forced prayer; Guarnerio, Pietro. White rose; Pandiani, Costantino. Moses trampling on the crown of Pharaoh; Peduzzi, Renato. Berenice; Pereda, Raimondo. Child's grief; Pereda, Raimondo. Love's net; Ragusa, Vincenzio. Young Bacchus; Sarrocchi, Tito. Fisher-boy.