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From Main Building Bird's-eye view from Main Building 1 silver albumen print; 44 x 54 cm. Mounted on backing board. Title on label: From Main Building. Architects: Machinery Hall - Henry Pettit & Joseph M. Wilson; World's Ticket Office - H.J. Schwarzmann; Trois Freres Provencaux Restaurant - Lehman; U.S. Government Building - James H. Windrim; New York "Tribune" Building - E.E. Rath; Pop-Corn Buildings - H.J. Schwarzmann & Hugh Kafka; New York State Building - Croff & Camp; American Newspaper Exhibition - M.J. Morill; Pennsylvania Railroad Office - J.M. Wilson; New Jersey State Building - Carl Pfeiffer; Women's Pavilion - H.J. Schwarzmann; Pennsylvania State Building H.J. Schwarzmann & Hugh Kafka; Connecticut State Building - D.R. Brown, from a design by Donald G. Mitchell; Bartholdi Electric Light - A. Bartholdi. On back of photo: Group photo of the Centennial Guard, Co. F, 2nd Precinct. Overview of exhibition grounds. Visible are buildings, roads, the lake, and the Washington sculpture.