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Introducing Google Street View on!

Visitors to may have noticed some interesting new features in the last couple weeks. We recently released the latest version of which includes a few additions to the website. One of those additions is the inclusion of Google Street View. You may be familiar with Google Street View if you have experience using […]
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The Reading Railroad’s Turn of the Century Big Dig, Part I

  If one were to explore the neighborhood just north of Callowhill Street between 20th and Broad Street, the casual observer might be perplexed by what appears to be a sunken urban greenway running parallel to Callowhill Street. This trench, some 40 feet wide and 20 feet deep, is now overgrown with trees and littered […]
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Public Education in Philadelphia: Central High School

  The founding of a free public school system in the United States is the result of much discussion over several decades. In the early 1800s, Philadelphia and the state of Pennsylvania debated and tested different ideas for establishing a public school system that would provide an education for those who could not afford the […]
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