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Thomas W. Dyott, Snake Oil, Soda Water and the Perennially Seductive Philadelphia Bottle

Everyone in America, it seemed, wanted to wrap their fingers around a bottle. What poured from the bottle didn’t seem to matter all that much, so long as it made the consumers feel good about themselves.  It might be shoe polish, patent medicine or whiskey—something, anything, that was cheap to make and marketable by whatever […]
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Is Independence Hall Tower in Sync with History?

Fourth Floor – Independence Hall Tower – Showing Bell Tower – Clock Room. Wenzel J. Hess, photographer, May 13, 1929. All these years, when we thought we were celebrating a shrine to 18th-century independence, we were inadvertently confirming something quite different: the 19th-century obsession with time. And it’s taken a toll on how we understand […]
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Good Luck With Your Thirteens, Philadelphia—Wherever You May Find Them

News Stands at the Southeast Corner of 13th and Market Streets. Wenzel J. Hess, photographer, January 3, 1950. No dice. Well, not much luck, anyway. We searched high and low for photographs dating to Friday the 13th–any Friday the 13th. It didn’t help that searching for individual days isn’t an option here at So […]
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Picture of the Year

12th and Market Streets-Northwest Corner, 1911. offers up in excess of 84,000 photographs, more than what the most hopeless visual addict would care to peruse. Even a decade’s worth is daunting. (From 1900 to 1910 you’ll find 4,287 images online.) But if you parse PhillyHistory more closely and narrow your search down to a […]
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